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3 HR Strategies Your Company May Have Overlooked – Our Guide


Human resources in most industries have long since changed from solely handling onboarding paperwork and developing organizational policies. In 2020, many companies around the world had to abruptly implement changes in the way they run their operations. There are many new local and federal employment regulations as well as best practices surrounding remote work,  on diversity and inclusion, and psychological safety, amongst others. In fact, HR's role has also been affected by the availability of digital tools that significantly change the way they handle their tasks. Human Resources must be able to adapt to these developments and keep up with all the [...]

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5 Reasons Every Business Needs an Anonymous Whistleblower Line


No matter what type of business or industry you are in, you are guaranteed to encounter harassment, misconduct, or ethical concerns in the workplace. The role of human resources is crucial in making sure that the people responsible for these situations are held accountable! There is a need to have a formal process for employees to report any company violations or complaints so that the company can take appropriate action. The problem is, not all employees are willing to step forward and become whistleblowers. This is why establishing an anonymous can help promote a culture of honesty and accountability in [...]

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Here’s Why a Defendable PES Is Important for Your Company


If you’re an employer, you are responsible for the safety of your employees. Besides ensuring you have a safe workplace and your employees have everything they need to get their tasks done safely, you should also think about their physical fitness. Here in Canada, a growing number of employers are considering Physical Employment Standards (PES). Physical Employment Standards (PES) Over the years, PES assessments are used for various occupations in different industries. With the help of PES, employers can help reduce the risk of workplace accidents. Therefore, many employers implement PES to ensure workers go through critical tasks at an agreed-upon [...]

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Why Your Company Should Prioritize Succession Planning


The current workforce landscape is a bit of a managerial challenge for most companies. If you belong to an organization with an uneven labour force, then maybe you can relate. Uneven labour force means that there might be too many people in managerial positions with relatively few people to train, or it could mean having too many new people to train but with ready-to-retire managers. This situation can cause instability throughout the whole organization because it will affect performance and can lead to poor decision-making, resulting in delays and other ripple effects. With an even workforce landscape however, career transitions [...]

Why Your Company Should Prioritize Succession Planning2022-03-21T01:40:36+00:00
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