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HR Advice- 4 Factors That Influence Employee Turnover


When a company does not succeed in engaging, developing and nurturing its employees, employee turnover is likely to occur. The reasons for turnover can vary but the cost will remain the same. It costs organizations between $4,000-$60,000 to replace an employee. This amount varies depending on the annual salary of the role and includes costs such as direct hiring, the hiring managers and HR’s time, productivity loss, overtime, training of the new employee, etc. While some turnover cannot be prevented, some can, and those cases will require your extra attention as a deep-seated issue within your organization could be the [...]

HR Advice- 4 Factors That Influence Employee Turnover2022-03-21T01:41:50+00:00

Employers During a Crisis: Employees are your Assets


Leading through change is a learned skill that many of us acquire on the job or while crisis or change occurs. Too often, during these times employees and the Human Resources team, are viewed as a cost function and they are the first groups to be affected. As a senior HR support, I work with management teams in several capacities. One of them is to assist proactively when planning for times of change, crisis, downturn, but more commonly when reacting to change that has already happened before downsizing or shutting down the business is required. When we examine the hierarchy [...]

Employers During a Crisis: Employees are your Assets2022-03-21T01:41:51+00:00

Terminate with Empathy


Whether you are in a leadership role, or solely an HR role, at some point or another terminating an employee will become your reality. In the early stages of a career, young professionals usually ask themselves questions like, “Will I be able to let someone go?”, “Will I hurt their feelings?”, “How will I handle the situation?”, or “What should I say?”. I have had the unfortunate experience of terminating many staff, and I myself have been let go from a job and a team that I loved. This experience has given me time to reflect and look back at my [...]

Terminate with Empathy2022-03-21T01:41:51+00:00
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