Organizational HR Health Check

Complimentary Organizational HR Health Check

Involvi Consulting understands your employees are your most important asset. We help organizations with practical, compliant solutions to exceed your Human Resources needs. We pride ourselves on offering customized proposals to our clients that align with their strategic plan. Involvi Consulting offers ongoing or project-based work to maximize efficiencies and employee ROI resulting in an improved bottom line.

Introductory Call – Free

Should an organization want to discuss a specific situation or not know their specific needs, introductory 15-minute calls are always free of charge. During that call, Involvi Consulting will make recommendations noting if and how the consulting relationship should move forward.


Document Review – Starting at $100

Policies, procedures and expectation documents are a foundational piece of every business. Many organizations have legacy documents that might need an update or require a professional review to ensure compliance with legislation and alignment with best practices.

These packages include:

  • Review of the individual document(s) provided
  • Pricing is based on a per document basis, not total page quantity
  • Track changes and comments by our Lead Consultant offering suggestions or updates required
  • Suggestions will also be made should a section require a re-write

These packages do not include:

  • Creation or re-writing current sections of the document
  • Creation of new documents
  • Customization from a template document to a company specific document

1-2 Pages – $100
3-6 Pages – $300
7-10 Pages – $500
11+ Pages – Custom Pricing

*Should an excerpt of a larger document be submitted, a comprehensive review may not be possible without review of the original context. This will be discussed on a case by case basis.


Employee Transitions Termination & Layoff Support – Starting at $250

Transitioning an employee out of your organization can be overwhelming and the process used can have a lasting impact on the outplaced employee as well as those employees still on staff and the corporate brand. We assist employers with offboarding their employees by providing:

  • Initial meeting to discuss terms of termination and review legal requirements
  • Customized transition documents; termination letter and/or release
  • Coaching Managers on conversation best practices
  • In person or Virtual Conversation support
  • Assistance with communication strategies and the content message sent to remaining employees – reduce survivor syndrome

$250 per Employee

Career Transition Services are available for an additional cost per employee. Packages are also available for larger transitions or group terminations.


HR Essentials

Human Resources is an essential part of any business. It is the function that guides, develops and supports the people of an organization.

HR Essentials offers products that ensure that organizations have a solid foundation of documents outlining the lifeblood of the company, as well as the expectations and accountabilities of its employees. This service provides the following documents either individually or as a package.

  • Offer Letter
  • Employment Agreement
  • Employee Handbook
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Process Documents

In addition to an Offer Letter or Employment Agreement, this Table of Contents outlines many of the critical elements included in the HR Essentials package. Contact Involvi Consulting for customized pricing.


On Call Support

Involvi Consulting’s Human Resources On Call Support is ideal for organizations that do not have “in-house” or local HR support. These services are all inclusive for one monthly fee based on size of your organization and overall needs. In selecting this service, you get the best of both worlds: dedicated senior level HR experience in a way that reduces the impact on your cashflow and bottom line.

This service is delivered on-site and/or remotely depending on the nature of the work. HR On Call Support is geared to be an embedded part of your business and not simply a transactional function. We are dedicated to your organization by sitting next to you to learn your business inside and out, soaking up your culture; becoming one of your biggest evangelists while providing HR solutions designed specifically for your company.

This service is available starting at $200 per month for organizations that need the reassurance of having HR professionals on-call for professional advice a few times a month. For organizations that require a more in-depth service, customized pricing is available based on the needs of the business.


Additional Services

Involvi Consulting offers additional tailored services to meet the needs of our clients that include but are not limited to;

  • HR Gap Analysis
  • HR Department Set Up
  • Employee Relations; Issues Management, Performance Development and Terminations
  • Exit Interviews and Trend Analysis
  • Employee Engagement Surveys followed by an Action Plan
  • Employee Benefits; Plan Review, Design, Renewal or Communication
  • Leadership Development including 360-degree surveys
  • Workplace Investigations