4 Strategies to Combat Employee Turnover in Your Workplace

Employees come and go. Businesses experience and struggle with employee turnover at some point. This is an inevitable reality that firms and organizations must face.

On top of that, it’s worth noting that the retention crisis will only get worse in the future. This is because the competition for talent is becoming increasingly fiercer. Moreover, millennials—also often dubbed as the job-hopping generation—are comprising a larger part of the workforce.

It is for these reasons that you must work on reducing your turnover as much as possible. Having employees leave your company one after another will take a toll on your culture and on your current employees and can negatively impact your productivity and drive your HR-related expenses.

The bright side is that there are steps you can take to combat employee turnover. In the sections below, you will find effective strategies you can employ to build long-term loyalty in your employees:

1) Invest in Your Employees’ Professional Development

One of the most common reasons why employees leave their jobs is because they have little to no opportunity for growth and development. Aside from this, they also feel underutilized.

Considering this, actively investing in your employees’ professional development is one great way to reduce staff turnover. When your team feels that you are invested in their success and improvement, they are more likely to develop loyalty towards your company—and your leadership.

2) Create an Incentive Program

Making a conscious effort to recognize the contributions of your employees will go a long way in making them feel valued. Consequently, this will lead to increased staff loyalty in the long run.

Take note, however, that giving out cash rewards may not be that effective anymore. Instead, it’s best to explore other ideas such as free lunch, tickets to special events, a spa day, or a limited edition company swag!

On top of all these, while even the simplest gesture of recognizing an employee in front of the whole team can make an impact, everyone likes to be recognized in different ways, so leaders that get to know their team and customize their recognition will see the biggest impact.

3) Provide Regular and Constructive Feedback

Regular constructive feedback helps your employees optimize their work processes, improve their performance, and avoid repetitive mistakes. In addition to that, it can also positively impact their communication and collaboration with you and their teammates.

Ultimately, regularly discussing their achievements and points for improvement will naturally motivate them to work better. When they know that all of their efforts are acknowledged, they will be more driven to achieve greater results and contribute to the team’s growth.

4) Promote a Good Work-Life Balance

While we typically spend more time at work than we do with our families, your employees have lives outside work as well. Considering this, promoting work-life balance will enable you to create a company culture that your team members will appreciate and treasure.

You can get started with this by taking simple steps such as encouraging your employees to take their full lunch break or checking to ensure their workloads are still manageable. If you want to go beyond this, you can also hold social outings to give them a chance to enjoy each other’s company outside the workplace.


Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. Considering this, you need to find ways to satisfy and retain them. You will have to actively and consistently invest in employee retention strategies to address this turnover crisis. The good news is that all your efforts will certainly not be in vain; making your employees feel valued with the strategies listed above will go a long way in building long-term loyalty.

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