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Welcome to a realm of personalized HR support that revolves entirely around your convenience. Your HR needs are as unique as your business. That’s why we created the on-demand HR Support Hotline and our adaptable HR Management Services. These offerings are meticulously crafted to foster the flourishing of your HR operations, effortlessly aligning with your specific demands.

Whether you’re a dynamic startup or a well-established enterprise, our commitment remains steadfast – to empower your HR endeavours with tailored solutions.

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Magnify Your HR Operations

Imagine having a steadfast ally to navigate your HR journey. That’s what you get when you step into the HR support ecosystem, where your questions and challenges find their solutions. Our on-demand HR Support Hotline is a wellspring of expertise available whenever you need it.

Whether you need immediate assistance through hourly support or a deeper partnership via our Core HR and Strategic HR Managed Services, we’re here to help. Ensure your operations remain seamless, compliant, and well-prepared for any scenario with HR Support.

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Your Path to Success

01. HR Hotline

Lifeline for HR Support: Access expert assistance when you need it most

Adhoc Hourly Support: Tailored solutions delivered on-demand.

02. Core HR

Expert Reassurance: Get answers, templates, and support each month.

Flexible Hours: Choose from 5, 10, or 15 hours per month.

03. Strategic HR Managed Services

Ideal for Your Business: Dedicated HR support without the in-house overhead.

Customized Solutions: On-site or remote, tailored to your organization's size and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our HR Support Hotline offers expert assistance when you need it, whether for hourly support or on-demand solutions.

Core HR provides expert reassurance, solutions, templates, or support each month. Choose from 5, 10, or 15 hours per month. Read our Core HR to learn more.

If you lack in-house HR resources, this service provides dedicated HR support while optimizing costs. It’s tailored to your needs, whether on-site or remote.

Your hours can be used within the Included Services or for specific projects. It’s a flexible way to access HR expertise as needed.

We engage, collaborate, and deliver results. Our approach centers on understanding your needs, offering tailored solutions, and leading change through innovation and expert support.

At Involvi, we understand your employees are your competitive advantage. Our Core HR service is designed to provide the practical, compliant solutions you need to exceed your Human Resources needs.

Our Services

HR Support

Guidance on managing and improving employee relationships to foster a positive and harmonious work environment.

Learning and Development

Engaging team-building activities and workshops to strengthen collaboration, communication, and teamwork.


Unbiased & thorough third party risk management of anything pertaining to your people - from one employee taking another's sandwich to serious isses like bullying, theft and beyond.

Compensation Review and Analysis

Comprehensive market reviews of wages, perks, benefits, and incentives to ensure competitiveness and strategy alignment.


Tailored offerings providing you expertise when sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding your new employees.

Our Guiding Principles

Hear What Others Are Saying About Involvi

Although we have not crossed the finish line yet, I have to tell you I am blown away by the level of professionalism and assistance I have been getting from Monica to this point in the process. This is quite a different experience to date than I had previously experienced. My thanks to you and your team for assisting in such a professional manner. Not only do you elevate Coffee News's brand with this type of approach, but you also make me look way better!


Ashley has been immensely helpful, providing advice that is timely, practical, and well informed. She and her team fulfill an essential piece of our small business by providing professional HR advice and supporting our team. They are available when needed, and are outstanding!


Ashley was terrific to work with and answered all of our questions and did so in a very timely manner. Our initial conversation was via Zoom meeting and she was very professional, knowledgeable and willing to assist us however necessary. I will call Involvi again if need be and highly recommend Ashley and the team at Involvi for any HR questions or concerns you may have.


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