4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Company

The employment landscape has changed significantly over the past decade and continues to shift. With this and alternative career paths like freelancing and the gig economy, the employer-employee relationship is constantly evolving. There tends to be less of a focus on employees’ time, energy, and loyalty which has caused employees to leave companies after just a few years and search for greener pastures. Many employees are sick of the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, in an office environment, and they are looking for flexibility and creativity in their work relationships.

However, according to human resources organizations, the best way to keep employees is to invest in employee engagement. Keeping your staff happy, motivated, and productive is crucial to employee retention, and an attractive total compensation package often isn’t enough to win their loyalty. They must feel appreciated for their work and fulfilled in what they do. They must also feel trusted, respected and that their work has made a positive impact in the field. The more they feel like they belong to a community, the more likely they are to stay.

Here are four ways to improve employee engagement:

– Prioritize Their Feedback

Actively listening to your employees’ suggestions and ideas are crucial for making sure they feel heard. Ask them for honest feedback through a team meeting, like lunch, and discuss everyone’s ideas. Take note of the common issues and ask them of the possible solutions to these problems. The more you ask for their input, the more likely they’ll feel appreciated and trusted, which means they’ll be more likely to engage.

Surveys and questionnaires, whether anonymous or not, are other valuable tools you can leverage to get their insights, but you’ll have to make sure you tailor them to your organization. It is essential that employees know that their feedback is valued and that what they say can make a difference.

– Act On Their Suggestions

It’s not enough to just ask employees  for their comments and suggestions; you’ll have to show them that you’re listening by acting on the issues they’ve identified. It must also be addressed in a clear, visible way, assuring your employees that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re going through the motions, causing them to distrust you.

A best practice is to publicize what you’ve done to address their comments, whether through an internal notice board or a different medium. Demonstrating your commitment to change will impress your employees and cause them to regard the company more favorably, likely encouraging them to stay.

– Exchange Ideas and Good Practices

Tossing ideas back and forth with your employees engages them and makes them feel like their input is respected, valued, and appreciated. It provides your employees a platform to share examples of their best work, especially when discussing good practices. Establishing systems like peer-to-peer learning will also foster teamwork, creating a healthy workplace culture that promotes discussion and collaboration. It will enhance the corporate culture while retaining your top performers.

– Understand How They Work and Learn

Everyone works differently, including your employees. Some people prefer working independently, while others prefer working in teams. Learn what they like and the environments they thrive in and use that when mapping out their training plans. You’ll also want to think about when your employees can participate in training sessions and how long they can engage in them. They may be less inclined to join online training sessions if it requires their participation the entire day, while others are more likely to shine through individual training. Know their preferences and create programs around them so they know the company is genuinely invested in them.


While a company can have winning marketing strategies and bestselling products, its employees will ultimately determine its success. Prioritizing employee engagement is crucial to achieving a happy, healthy business, and with these four ways, your employees will feel more motivated and encouraged to perform.

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