Just Because You Can Do It All, Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Even with a million dollars, Ashley isn’t sure if she would’ve changed anything about her journey. That in and of itself is a testament to the impact of these Entrepreneur Stories. Each person learns and grows so much through their own experiences, it’s so valuable to learn and grow again together here. 

Ashley is the President and Founder of Involvi Consulting, a fractional HR consulting company. When she lost her job on maternity leave, rather than being disheartened, she took it as an opportunity to make the leap of faith into entrepreneurship – and she hasn’t looked back since.

What are three things every Entrepreneur should know?

Ashley became an entrepreneur four years ago and spoke to the fact that it has definitely been a rollercoaster ride – and one hell of a learning experience. First and foremost, Ashley believes that it’s important to give yourself a break and know that failure is a part of the process. The important thing is failing forward

More on the technical side of things, understanding at least some financial acumen is mandatory in Ashley’s opinion. Along with that, she mentioned the importance of knowing what you’re good at and being able to quantify your time. 

Ashley further explained that although you can learn to do anything, it’s important to understand how long it will take you to learn and delegate accordingly. Sure, you can learn to build a website, but your time would likely be better spent running your business and hiring a vendor to do the website. 

Additionally, trying to do everything all the time is a recipe for burnout so delegation station is a stop you must make as an entrepreneur.

What problem does your business solve and who are its customers?

Ashley’s business is Involvi Consulting and, at its core, they are fractional HR support for small, medium, and not-for-profit organizations. That service comes in three ways, however, they customize everything that they do. Whether their clients need assistance hourly, daily, or a few days a week, Involvi has them covered. 

They also offer customized learning and development solutions, including workshops, training sessions, and retreats on various topics. Additionally, Involvi provides recruitment services in a unique approach, catering to specific projects like compensation or other specialized support needs. 

Although they have their niche service offerings, all of them are geared towards supporting and enhancing people-related aspects within organizations.

What inspired you to become an Entrepreneur?

Interestingly, entrepreneurship runs in Ashley’s family. She explained to us that her brother has run his own business for years and she’s always loved his work-life balance as well as the way that he approaches things. 

That being said, HR is very different from the industry that he’s in and Ashley is the breadwinner for her household. This makes it a rather significant leap for her to take considering the stability of her family will be at stake. Then life threw a spanner in the works (as it does), and Ashley lost her job while she was on maternity leave. 

Although that’s an incredibly stressful situation, it was a blessing in disguise in many different ways and allowed Ashley to step back and take stock of her life. It afforded her the opportunity to decide where she wanted to make an impact and find her own niche that both fulfills her and a need in the market.

How would you have spent a million dollars when you first started your business? Would you have done anything differently?

Ashley is a very cost-conscious founder as it is. She has never had an investor, she’s never taken out debt, she’s never “gone into the red.” She’s also very cautious of the invoices that they send to clients because she understands that HR is a cost function and most small, medium, and not-for-profit businesses don’t have the discretionary net profit to spend. 

That being said, Ashley joked that she probably would’ve had a better website to start. She likely would’ve roped in a marketing team earlier on for social media because their presence there has been a bit inconsistent in the past. 

She mentioned also investing in some sort of office space after the pandemic. 

Above all of that, she would have invested more in her team for things like training, getting certifications, and figuring out each of their expertise. However, Ashley also recognizes that there’s beauty in doing it the way that they did. 

As the team grew and solidified, their own areas of expertise showed themselves. They all grew organically together into the powerhouse that they are today.

What is your proudest accomplishment as an Entrepreneur?

Ashley’s proudest accomplishment as an entrepreneur lies not in herself but in her team. Over four years, they’ve supported over 95 clients, with 44 ongoing and the impact they’ve made on clients has positively affected their local community in a fulfilling cycle. 

Ashley emphasized that her team is the cornerstone of her success and growth, valuing their diverse perspectives, passion, and collaborative spirit. She went so far as to say that she wouldn’t be who she is without her team. 

Every day she’s grateful for their passion, for them calling her out, for their ideas, for their input. At the end of the day, she is only one person with one perspective and limited knowledge. Together, they are a strong, unbreakable force driving their business forward and they challenge each other to do so with their unique flairs, knowledge bases, and passions.

What big goals are you looking to achieve?

On the professional side, Ashley mentioned a few goals that she has in mind, mainly revolving around Involvi Consulting’s growth and impact. She aims to establish Involvi as a leader in their marketplace, particularly in their learning and development and support services. Building strong, enduring relationships with clients is a priority. 

However, she also values spontaneity and is open to unexpected opportunities, leaving space for wonder in their strategic plan. This makes sense given the nature of Ashley’s inspiration to venture into running her own business in the first place. 

Personally, Ashley wants to continue challenging herself as an HR and operations leader. She acknowledges the importance of maintaining a work-life balance to prioritize her mental health, family relationships, and well-being, while also considering the potential for her team to take on a greater role in the company’s future.

If you have your own Entrepreneur Story that you’d like to share, to help others learn and grow as you did on your journey, get in touch with us today to share your story tomorrow!