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3 Ways HR is Integral to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are often made out to be prosperous marriages that would bring all parties involved more success, but the truth is much more complicated than that. Many M&As use a process that often leaves both sides feeling dissatisfied, leading to a less than successful agreement. Without a change to this process, a company’s shareholders, customers, and employees will bear the brunt of the financial impact, preventing a potentially rewarding arrangement from coming to fruition. One of the most significant reasons for M&A failure is because companies tend to neglect their work culture and leadership. Without proper attention to [...]

3 Ways HR is Integral to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions2022-03-21T01:40:32+00:00

7 Discouraging Qualities to Avoid in Performance Evaluations


Staff and management both benefit from a performance evaluation. Employees are able to improve the way they do their work and are complimented for their contributions. Along with that, management gets to be more involved with monitoring and helping their workers progress. However, there are some cases when a performance evaluation can come off as a little useless. This is always a bad sign and should probably require some thought behind the type of performance evaluation you did. Perhaps your team would benefit more from a conversation-based evaluation rather than numerical ratings. With either kind, though, there are definitely some [...]

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5 Ways Performance Reviews Can Help Your Business


The continued success of any business centers largely on its employees. They are the cornerstones of your company, so you should be able to manage them effectively. One of the best ways to manage employees is to make sure they are meeting all the expectations you have set for their position. Regular performance reviews for all employees at every level of your organization will help you recognize their value, clarify their individual roles, identify any gaps in training and development systems, and assist with succession planning. When done effectively, performance reviews are a great way to create a culture of open [...]

5 Ways Performance Reviews Can Help Your Business2022-03-21T01:40:33+00:00
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